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2019 Trends- Love or Hate?

2019 Trends- Love or Hate?

Wow 2019, was quite the year. I had a lot of "high"s and a LOT of "low"s. Life is crazy, seriously crazy. I bought my first house! I was promoted at work (which I'm still not convinced was a good thing) and went on a few small vacations! I had so many challenges, mainly work. I work as a Project Manager for a Telecommunications engineering firm. I always thought that being "upper" ish management would be easy- you just have to tell everyone what to do, right? Hahaha, no.

ANYWAY! I hope your year, and your DECADE was amazing. Or at least had more amazing parts than not. Speaking of those "high & low" moments, lets talk about the trends of 2019, because there were definitely some hit's and, maybe some misses.

Before we start, let me just say that style is so very personal. I will shout that from the rooftops for the entire rest of my life, so if there's something on here that you absolutely loved, KEEP doing it. 

 Alright, let's hit it: Some top trends from 2019;

  • Dad/ "statement" sneakers
  • Bike Shorts, often paired with Dad sneakers
  • Snake print EVERYTHING
  • Small, Oval Sunglasses
  • Small OVERLY TINY purses
  • Crop tops
  • Clear shoes

When I look back on 2019 these are the top 7 trends that pop to my mind. Some I love, some I REALLY hope die in 2020. I will admit, there's no way I'm going to be able to get on board with tiny purses. I'm a purse kind of gal. I always have been, and I'm pretty sure I get that from my mother. Small purses just can't hold the multitude of things I have convinced myself that I can't leave the house without!

Snakeskin on the other hand. Wow! It took me a bit longer than some probably, to jump out of my comfort zone with this. But now I can't stop. Give me snakeskin everything! Boots, bags, tops, skirts; EVERYTHING. Now all I want is a clear snakeskin case for my phone, HOW is that not a thing?? 

As we look back on these trends either loving or hating, which of these would you like to see continue in 2020, and which would you like to see die off this new year? Let me know!! I would love to hear! Maybe you can explain to me how you use that small purse, because I will admit, they are cute, but I can't see the functionality. 

Also, stay tuned, I'm working on a post for projected trends in 2020 that I can't wait to share!!




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