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2020 Trend Predictions

2020 Trend Predictions

Ever scroll through Instagram and see the same style over and over again, and think "wow, didn't see that one coming!" ? (Enter, bulky tennis shoes and purses only big enough to fit a lipstick.) I wish I could say I've never been there! Sometimes these new trends really catch me by surprise, or maybe I shouldn't admit that considering what I do. Hey, if you're not honest, what are you? 

Anyway, I spend a lot of time researching upcoming trends, and styles for the seasons ahead, and thought you might be interested in learning about what I'm finding!

First, and foremost: the 1970's! Have you noticed stores starting to carry bell bottoms again?? How about crochet tops? It is predicted that the 70's are coming back around in a big way in 2020, so break out your chokers and headbands and get ready.  Bell bottoms started to become popular at the beginning of last year again, but are making a big come back this spring in particular, crazy patterns and all. We were at wal mart the other day and there was a woman what I can only imagine were crochet pants and top, and my husband exclaims to me: "Kylie!! LOOK AT HER OUTFIT." By the time I could turn around she was gone however, but it was funny to let him in on the know that crochet is very much coming back. One last thing from the 1970's that we've already seen a lot of already in the past few months that are going to continue to gain popularity over the coming year. 

1970's isn't the only era coming back though; the 80's are also coming back full swing with neon colors ruling the coming spring and summer. How fun!!! You might have already seen this in your stores though- I was recently shopping with my mother in law and we saw the cutest puffer coats in colors ranging from bright red to neon yellow. It was amazing. One more fun addition from the 1980's that you can expect to see: Puffy sleeves. (Hello my mom's prom dresses) YES! Don't get me wrong, there is such a fine line with large sleeves, but if done right it can be such a fun addition to add to an outfit. 

Lastly, well hardly lastly, but lastly for my little guide: comfort. I think this can largely be owed to the huge spike in the fitness industry, but comfort is in! Leggings all day everyday, and now it's fashionable!! This is what I am most excited for. I am a comfort type of gal. I think this is the most universal: leggings with a "fashion" top, jeans with a t-shirt. You can wear this so many ways, and be comfortable and fashionable doing it! HOORAY!

Alright, that's it for now. I hope you are excited for this coming year, not only for the fun fashion trends but also for the best year ever. 2020 is our year. I KNOW IT.





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